Code of Practice

North Coast Community College (NCCC) believes that education is the basis of an informed, cohesive progressive community. Our community comprises people from all backgrounds and circumstances sharing access to education and training to assist them to participate fully and successfully in the community.

All people should have the greatest possible opportunity to use and participate in programs offered by NCCC.

The College supports the NSW Charter for Equity in Education and Training principles, which are:

  1. Everyone is entitled to high quality education and training programs that provide recognised credentials and clear pathways to employment and lifelong learning. The outcomes of education and training should not depend on factors beyond the learner’s control or influence.
  2. In the allocation of public resources, priority is given to narrowing those gaps in education and training outcomes that reflect need and prevailing social inequalities.
  3. All young people are entitled, as a minimum, to be able to complete their school education to Year 12 or a vocational equivalent (Certificate II or III).
  4. The diversity of the population is recognised and valued by inclusive approaches to the development, conduct and evaluation of programs.
  5. A demonstrated commitment to these equity principles and practices is a core responsibility for all those involved in education and training.


These principles are supported by:

  • Student enrolment conditions and any pre-requisites for enrolment will be clearly stated in the course details in promotional materials including websites.
  • A variety of training delivery methods are available, these include classroom based learning, work based learning, distance and on-line or any combination of the above. Assessments will be carried out in accordance with the AQF standards.
  • The College has staff and student grievance procedures and has provision for a grievance mediator. This is fully documented in the Staff and Tutor and Student Handbooks.
  • Course fees will clearly be stated in the course program and an estimate of any additional costs will be given on inquiry. Legal regulations governing RTOs require the College to receive no more than $1500 as payment prior to the commencement of any course.
  • Course fees will be refunded where a course does not proceed.  Please refer to our refund policy
  • Students will be given every opportunity to achieve a satisfactory learning outcome including the development of educational pathways. Where North Coast Community College cannot assist, referral to other agencies will be made.
  • Maintaining sound financial management practices.
  • Complying with all relevant legislative and regulatory obligations.
  • Operating under a system of continuous improvement at all time to ensure best practice in adult education and to satisfy clients’ learning needs.