Great things start with you

Community Colleges are places where you can really amplify your life and career possibilities.

In our work we see people at all kinds of crossroads, not knowing which way to go. Our tip is not to focus on the problem, focus on the solutions. Stay motivated by surrounding yourself with energised people and get to where you want to go.

Perhaps your goal is a first job, or you are seeking to realign your employability profile. Taking that first step is sometimes the hardest. Recognising your personal value and really using that to best advantage is the key.

What’s the reward for stepping out of your comfort zone? A full, happy and vital life.

Do you need to learn how to operate a computer or an iPad, use Microsoft Word, Excel or MYOB?  Perhaps you may prefer one on one instruction customised to your particular needs?  Alternatively, if you are an employer, did you know that the College can deliver courses at your workplace that are tailored to the specific needs of your employees? Please contact the College for further information on our customised short courses and workplace training.


We have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and are committed to keeping you safe.

We have a COVID-19 Safety Plan and are committed to keeping you safe. Click to find out more

 In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the NSW Government has placed restrictions on a number of businesses and organisations, however ‘Educational Colleges’ are to remain ‘OPEN’.  As such North Coast Community College will remain OPEN, and will be continuing to offer face to face training from Monday 27th April, 2020.

 Adjustments will be made, as required by the NSW Government,  to the delivery of courses including:

  • Ensuring desks/work stations are adequately separated (4 square metres), and there is plenty of access to fresh air and outdoor space.
  • An increase in Training facility cleaning, particularly of classrooms, toilets, common areas, door handles and equipment.
  • Ensure that students maintain 1.5m social distancing in all common areas.
  • Provisions, such as hand sanitiser, masks and gloves will be available for student and trainer use, if needed.

 Any student who is unwell, or who is required to self-isolate, must not attend class and will be sent home.

 If you have any questions regarding these provisions, please contact the College on 6628 5426.