Creative Horticulture Workshop

Join us for this hands-on creative workshop where you will learn how to create and arrange:

  • Bonsai
  • Hanging plants
  • Potted sculptures
  • Vertical gardens

Horticulture involves the propagation of plants for amenity (ornamental) or productions purposes. Traditional horticulture is both intensive and extensive. Building on the plant propagation workshop this course will present a creative approach to horticultural practices that could present a competitive advantage to a horticultural business or job application. Some of the techniques will incorporate a sustainable approach with a guiding theme of “make me something beautiful.”

The value of the horticulture industry in Australia (excluding wine grapes) was around $12.6 billion in 2019 – 2020. This figure represents future potential for the horticultural industry.

Learners are encouraged to bring their own plant to create a bonsai.

If you are looking to gain a competitive advantage within the horticultural industry you can ENROL in our Creative Horticulture Workshop below.


*This training is subsidised by the NSW Government

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