Refund policy, fees & charges

North Coast Community College (RTO 90029) (NCCC) will only enrol students who have paid all course fees in advance or have entered into an instalment agreement and made the appropriate deposit. Refunds are not available after commencement of course. Prior to course commencing a refund, or part thereof, can be given if 24 hours notice is received of intent to withdraw (a $35 cancellation fee applies).

NCCC cannot accept payment in advance of more than $1500 for any single accredited course. Any residual amount owing must be paid within one week of course commencement.

NCCC Customised Training charges are  negotiated in consultation with businesses or individuals.

Any additional time required for attendance at assessments beyond the two attempts included in each accredited course will be charged at an hourly rate set by the College (see Fee Schedule).

Course fees

Course fees can be found in our course guides and on our website next to course description. A fee schedule for the current term is available upon request from  College administration. Course fees (or proportion of) are to be made upon enrolment and cover the following items:

  • Participation in the course for the advised period of time including relevant classroom-based and online training and work placement.
  • All course textbooks, learning and assessment materials, necessary facilities, resources and equipment unless stated otherwise in our current advertising material
  • Processing of credit transfer applications for relevant units.
  • Access to advertised support programmes
  • Marking of assessments items up to a maximum of two submissions per item.

Payment of course fees does NOT entitle the student to:

  • Select or vary elective unit or defined course components.
  • Course extensions or extensions to submission deadlines for assessment items.
  • Supplementary training or support not previously advertised or negotiated prior to course commencement.
  • Unlimited or ongoing access to the trainer/assessor or to training equipment/facilities.
  • Resubmission of assessment items following THREE unsuccessful attempts.
  • Re-assessment, gap training or re-enrolment in a subsequent course following failure to complete a course to the required standard in the prescribed timeframe.
  • Materials advertised as having an addition cost or to supplied by student.

 Fee payments

All enrolments fees must be paid in FULL before commencement unless:

  • A payment place is agreed prior to enrolment (below for more information)
  • The applicant is eligible for an advertised concession.
  • The applicant is eligible for a reduced/zero fee as a condition of government funding.
  • If the total exceeds $1500, in this case no more than that amount can be taken, remainder is to be collected over the duration of the course.
  • Payment is being made by an employer or Job Active provider, in which enrolment will proceed once receipt of purchase order is received.

Payment plans

Payment plans are arranged where the full cost is greater than $1500. For courses costing under $1500, you may be able to arrange a payment plan if you are unable to pay the amount in one payment, these plans are to be negotiated with college administration prior to enrolment and course commencement.

Outstanding/overdue payments

If your repayments become overdue or you have a financial debt to NCCC, you risk not being able to undertake any further assessment, continuing in the course and/or enrol into further study. Certificates and Statements of Attainments will not be issued until any financial debt has been cleared.


If you require additional/remedial training or assessment as a result of failure to complete a course or meet the submission deadlines for assessment items, you must pay the appropriate fee.

Changes to services

NCCC works to minimise any disruption to students training. Where unforeseen or unavoidable changes occur NCCC will advise students of variations to our programs and confirm new arrangements with students as soon a possible. The nature of the change will determine how students will be notified. It is the student’s responsibility to inform NCCC of changes to personal contact information.

Cancellation and refunds 

NCCC has a ‘No Refund’ policy except in circumstances where NCCC cancels a course – in which case students are entitled to receive a full refund. Alternatively, NCCC will transfer the student into another course with no administration charge. Fees for cancelled classes may be transferred to another course of your choice (except where the course fees would need to be transferred from one calendar year to another.

Fee Schedule

As at 1 January 2022

Course Cancellation N/A Where the College cancels a course due to insufficient numbers a full refund will be made.
Course Withdrawal No refund Where notice of withdrawal from a course is received less than 24 hours prior to course commencement no refund will be made.
Refund Administration Fee $35.00

The College cannot accept responsibility for changes in personal circumstances or work commitments or for course materials purchased prior to commencement.

Refunds will only be given when notice of withdrawal is received at least 24 hours before the scheduled commencement of the class, less a $35 administration fee.

Re-issue of Certificates (electronically) Nil Within 12 months from original issue.
$50 After 12 months from original issue.
Re-issue of Certificates (paper copy)
$30.00 Additional 

Re-assessment – Second Attempt

Applies when a student is assessed as NYC on first attempt or is absent on day of assessment

Nil If assessment is undertaken within the course timetabled hours, or by negotiation with the College.

$91 for first hour.

$170 for two hours; then by negotiation

If the assessment is undertaken beyond the end of the course timetabled hours. May be conducted under invigilation and evidence submitted to assessor for judgement.
Re-assessment of Assessments on Appeal – must lodge appeal within 5 working days from receiving the notification of assessment outcome Nil If the original outcome of the assessment is deemed incorrect and the student is deemed ‘Competent’.
$114.00 Per unit for re-assessment if the student is required to resubmit/undertake the assessment, if the appeal is lost.
$227.00 Per unit for re-assessment if the student is required to resubmit/undertake the assessment as a result of, but not limited to, e.g. cheating and/or plagiarism.
Customised Training Quote on application
Quote on application For group training please contact the College.
Note: Fees are subject to change

Payment options

NCCC offers the following  payments options:

  • In person – by cash, cheque or debit/credit card (Visa/Mastercard).
  • Over the telephone – using a debit/credit card (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Online – by electronic payment
  • By post – cheque or debt/Mastercard
  • Payment plan (see further on for more details)

Payment involving purchase orders

Employers or Job Active Providers purchase orders must be on business letterhead, include the name and contact details of the staff member/accounts department to whom the invoice is address , and may be presented in person, post, fax or email to NCCC prior to confirming enrolment.

Where a student is undertaking a full qualification, students are entitled to a statutory cooling-off period of 2 business days from the date of enrolment. Any monies paid during this time will be fully refunded if a student decides to withdraw their enrolment