Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

Enrolment Procedure

The College accepts enrolments in person, in writing, over the phone or online via the college website: www.northcoastcc.edu.au. Payment at the time of enrolment is the College policy. Where a third party is paying for a course the enrolment will not be confirmed until a purchase order or payment has been received.

Course Content

North Coast Community College (NCCC) provide training and assessment that leads to the achievement of competency in accredited units from training packages on the College scope of registration.

Courses will normally be delivered over a period of weeks, generally with at least six hours of face to face teaching per scheduled day. Some research and assessment tasks will require completion out of class hours.

Fees and Charges and refund policy

NCCC will only enrol students who have paid all course fees in advance or have signed a payment schedule and made the appropriate deposit. Refunds are not available after commencement of course. Prior to course commencing a refund can be given if more than five working days’ notice is received of intent to withdraw (a $35.00 cancellation fee applies). The College cannot accept payment in advance of more than $1500 for any single accredited course. Customised training is negotiated at an hourly rate set by the College. Any additional time required for attendance at assessments beyond the two attempts included in each accredited course will be charged at an hourly rate set by the College.

Special Learning Needs including Language Literacy and Numeracy

All students who advise NCCC staff of their special learning needs will be provided with the appropriate support and guidance with the aim of assisting the student to obtain competency in the course undertaken. This assistance provided by NCCC Staff will be within the principles of fairness and flexibility of workplace assessment and will be offered in a discrete manner. Students will complete a literacy and numeracy capability evaluation at course commencement of full qualification courses and elsewhere where notice of a learning need has been expressed at the time of enrolment.

Welfare and Guidance

All students experiencing any difficulty or concerns about their training experience should make contact with their tutor, Training Manager or Executive Officer where a range of solutions may be discussed and provided.

Grievance Process

The complaints and appeals policy of NCCC provides an avenue for students to address their complaints and appeals and have them dealt with in a constructive and timely manner. The VET student handbook contains details of this process and complaint forms.

Disciplinary Procedures

Students who are unruly, offensive or conduct themselves in a disrespectful manner towards NCCC staff or fellow students will be offered one warning to desist their behaviour after which continued behaviour will result in their enrolment being cancelled. Attention is drawn to student rights and responsibilities in the VET Student Handbook. A copy of the Student Handbook can be obtained through the College website.

Access and Equity

NCCC are committed to providing training and assessment services to all clients regardless of race, religion, sex, socio-economic status, disability, language, literacy or numeracy. Students with a physical disability are required to inform the College when enrolling of any access issues they may anticipate.

Legislative Compliance

NCCC management and staff conduct periodic reviews to ensure that the College is compliant with all state and federal legislative requirements for RTOs including but not limited to WHS, Harassment, Discrimination, Equal Opportunity and Vocational Education and Training legislation.

Students undertaking work experience as part of their training may be required to submit to a working with children or criminal records check at their own expense.

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)

NCCC recognises qualifications and statements of attainment issued by other RTOs. Where sufficient documentation is provided NCCC will provide credit transfer to enrolling students. All current competencies held by students and verified are recognised.

Records and Information Management

NCCC are committed to implementing best practice in records management practices and systems, responding in a timely manner to all requests for information from present and past students. All staff are required to apply themselves to the provisions of the Privacy and Protection of Personal Information Act,1998. A fee is charged for reissuing certificates.

Students should advise the College immediately of any changes to their contact details.

Learning and Assessment Plans

Trainers will inform students of the session content for each course at the commencement of training and will advise dates for assessment task completion.

Students will have two opportunities to demonstrate competence.


Certificates and Statements of Attainment will be issued within a reasonable period after the completion of the course once all assessments have been finalised and posted to the last recorded postal address. Certificate of attendance, participation or continuing professional development will be issued on demand.

Foundation Skills

Employability Skills Summaries for Training Package qualifications can be downloaded from http://training.gov.au

Rights and Obligations

  • Students have a right to learn in an appropriate environment and that all people using the services provided by the colleges have a right to be free from any form of harassment and/or discrimination. Students must give due respect to tutors and other staff at the College and at all times. Students under 15 years of age cannot enrol in NCCC courses or attend classes.
  • Students must dress appropriately, keeping in mind the nature of the course they are attending. Dress should reflect industry and community standards. Participants not suitably attired may be refused entry to class.
  • Students should come to class sober and drug free and smoke only in designated outdoor areas away from other people, maintaining a buffer of at least five metres from buildings. Alcohol consumption on the premises will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate suspension from classes.
  • Mobile phones should be turned off or to silent mode during class. Mobile phone use should be restricted to scheduled breaks, unless an emergency situation arises and the tutor has been informed.
  • Students have a right to have any special learning needs known and addressed by the tutor.
  • Tutors may choose to disclose phone numbers or email addresses if they wish to have students contact them out of class time. The College will not disclose tutor contact details unless specifically instructed by a tutor to do so.
  • Students are to pay all fees and charges associated with the course. Should this cause hardship this can be discussed with the coordinator to arrange a payment plan.
  • Refunds will only be given in accordance with the College refund policy.
  • Students are responsible for personal possessions while attending the course.
  • Students are expected to take responsibility for cleaning and tidying their work area at the end of each session. No eating is permitted in the training areas. Kitchen and coffee making areas are to be left clean and tidy.
  • The use of the telephone and photocopier is to be approved by the office staff. Costs may be passed on to students for use of telephone, fax or photocopier.
  • Students have a right to normal privacy afforded all citizens in personal matters. No personal information will be divulged to third parties and student and staff information will be kept confidential except where a legal obligation exists.
  • Students have the right of access to all of their own personal records kept by NCCC Inc.
  • There is no provision for child-minding and children are not permitted in the classroom.
  • The College policy is to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of all personnel. All employees and students have a mutual responsibility for their own health and safety and the welfare of other staff and students. Due care must be exercised at all times by all while on the premises.
  • Students are to be made aware of all safety provisions and location of the First Aid equipment and evacuation procedures.
  • Students should report all injuries or incidents of harassment by another student or tutor promptly to the coordinator and ensure a written report is kept in the incident folder. Tutors have copies of the relevant form in their tutor pack. This record is kept in the office and all incidents are to be reported giving time, date, location and description of the incident.
  • At least 80% attendance is recommended to achieve the outcomes of any course and meet assessment requirements. Students should notify the office or tutor in advance of any absence and any notes or handouts missed may be collected from the office. Sleeping during class time will be regarded as an absence from training.
  • If an assessment takes place during programmed class time any student who is absent will have to make arrangements with the tutor or VET Coordinator to do that assessment or forfeit the result. Rescheduling of assessments may incur additional expense to the student concerned.
  • Students must ensure they have a copy (electronic or hard) of any assignments they hand in for assessment.
  • Students who work are to advise their employers to ensure that they are free to attend the College according to the training schedule given to them at the beginning of the course (and updated when necessary).
  • The Term Brochure, website and/or staff member will indicate where and when each course is being conducted.
  • Students and staff have access to toilet facilities at all venues being used by NCCC Inc. to conduct courses.


Enrolment Policy

Please choose your course carefully.
Please enrol early as classes fill quickly.
Enrolments may be made in person, online, by fax or post.

Classes are open to anyone over the age of 15 years. No child minding is available nor facilities for children.
Enrolment is automatic upon payment. Until payment is received your name is on a waiting list. You will be sent an information sheet only for classes where materials are required for the first lesson. Receipts will only be emailed or made available for collection from the office.

If classes are cancelled you will be notified and receive a full refund if required or you may transfer the fee paid to another course of your choice.

The College cannot accept responsibility for changes in personal circumstances or work commitments or for course materials purchased prior to commencement.

Classes will run as listed, subject to adequate enrolments, unless otherwise advised.

Application may be made to pay course fees by instalment for courses leading to a full accredited qualification. This is subject to the payment of a $200 non-refundable administration fee and 30% deposit of the total course fee at enrolment. Instalments will be by direct deposit and at intervals to be negotiated and approved.

If you require disabled access to training facilities please advise office staff when you enrol.

A completed enrolment form is required for each course and may be completed in person at one of our offices, downloaded and mailed or faxed, or completed online via our website.

Students undertaking a full certificate qualification are advised that legally the College cannot accept more than $1500 prior to commencement of the course. Any remaining amount must be paid on commencement of the course unless an instalment payment plan has been negotiated.

Where changes to scheduled courses are necessary the College will contact you either:

– Via your recorded mobile phone number.

– On the landline provided at enrolment.

– Via your recorded email address.


All students enrolling to study a VET qualification or Unit of Competency (UoC) must provide a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

CPD certificates of attendance are available on request.


Payments are to be made at time of enrolment. Payments may be made via direct electronic deposit, by cheque, cash or card, in person or over the phone.

Refund Policy

The College cannot accept responsibility for changes in personal circumstances or work commitments or for course materials purchased prior to commencement. Refunds will only be given when notice of withdrawal is received at least five working days before the scheduled course commencement. A $35 administration fee applies to processing a refund. Where notice of withdrawal is received less than five working days prior to course commencement no refund will be made.