Every country around the world is experiencing growth in the number and proportion of older people. As the years go on, the technology and healthcare we are able to provide for our ageing population improves, extending the quality and length of lives. In Australia, the percentage of those classified as ‘ageing’ is greater than the increase in population of any other age group. It is wonderful that our older generations are living healthier and longer lives, however it does place pressure on our health and care industries, with the demand for qualified health care workers and carers being higher than ever.

The number of people who require some form of aged care is set to double in Australia by 2050. With such an exceptionally strong and guaranteed future, the aged care industry is a fantastic career path to pursue. Let’s explore why:

Make an impact, daily

As an aged care worker, you can make a difference in the day-to-day life of an elderly person and their families. You’ll develop relationships and provide emotional support to patients you care for. It’s rewarding to see your efforts make someone’s day, whether it be a conversation about the news, listening to a story or providing simple care so that someone can feel confident in themselves. Best of all, you’ll go home knowing you genuinely made a positive difference to someone’s day.

Flexible working hours

Aged Care is great career path to pursue if you’re dreaming about escaping the 9-5. Many aged care workers are employed on a part-time basis and enjoy the added benefits of penalty rates for nightshifts, weekends and public holidays. With such high demand for workers, many employers are open to flexible working arrangements so you can plan work around your life, instead the other way around.

Genuine job availability and security

Aged Care is one of the few industries where job availability, security and new opportunities are almost guaranteed. The industry is expected to be one of the largest employers over the next 30 years, with positions predicted to increase exponentially. This means there is ample opportunity for qualified carers to gain employment and begin building a successful and fulfilling career.

Work is everywhere in Australia

Australia’s ageing population is a trend experienced right across the country, and in many countries internationally. Positions in Aged Care facilities are will be available in almost every town, in every state. This makes things easier if you want to move or transfer. And why not explore Australia or another country while you’re at it. Jump from contract to contract to live and work in many different places around the world.

Our Partnership with Whiddon Maclean

We are proud to have partnered with Whiddon Maclean, a residential aged care home in Maclean in the Northern Rivers of NSW, to deliver the full qualification, CHC33015 – Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing). Through this partnership, we can offer the Northern Rivers community a Certificate III qualification in Individual Support (Ageing), which will equip students with the hands on and practical skills and knowledge for an entry level position in the Aged Care industry. In just six months, students will be proficiently prepared to provide person-centred support to people who may require support due to ageing, disability or other reasons. The partnership with Whiddon Maclean has and will provide students the opportunity to gain on the job practical skills throughout their training by completing a day per week of work placement at the aged care facility.

The future for Aged Care looks very promising. With job flexibility, availability and security, this career path will offer many opportunities for growth.